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De patchouli


As we entered the year that was predicted as the “future” in the movie Back to the Future, it was accurate that the last one did not enter our lives with flying cars. Anyway... Let alone the tools mentioned in science fiction movies, many products designed in recent years reflect the nostalgia for the past. Not long ago, if one of the giants of the perfume world had said that they would add an old-fashioned patchouli perfume from the 70s to their private collection, I guess it would not have been convincing to anyone.
Despite its dry feeling, Patchouli is an easy-to-use perfume. I liked Patchouli, perhaps because it is one of the perfumes in which the soothing scent of guaiac wood is most clearly felt, perhaps because it is a time machine that brings back memories of the past.
Main Notes: Patchouli
Top Note: Patchouli Oil
Heart Note: Patchouli Heart
Base Note: Cleaned, Pure Wood, Rosemary
Strawberry, Leather.
Type: Unisex
100 ml