About Us

Italy is the undisputed of fashion and fashion, as well as is home to the best perfumes in the world, despite the presence of many brands of perfumes in several countries, but it was and still is one of the most famous and best countries that manufacture perfume because it enters a variety of unique and unique formulations that take you to the world From the imagination and magic, the Italian perfume is considered a sign of elegance and elegance for both men and women.

The company "LA Morentti" was founded in Istanbul and worked on making the best Italy perfumes from the finest raw materials, and was created to achieve the best achievements in the world of perfumes, and quoted its brand name "LA Morentti" from the famous  perfume maker in italy

We offer our customers the most luxurious Italy perfumes that are unique in their smell, and we seek to consolidate our leadership in the local and international market, and we spared no effort or effort to fulfill our customer's desires by offering the best after the best perfumes, which made us capture their satisfaction and gain their confidence.

Our vision:

The achievement of leadership and leadership does not come easily, so we care about the smallest details in order to prove to the world that we deserve this lead, and we strive to achieve perfection, diversity, development, and luxury in all of our products, and we strive to be creative in choosing designs and creators in the composition of perfumes out of our artistic sense of the fragrance of flowers and fragrant The distinctive Italy nature.

Our message:

Perfumes were and still are a universal language that brings together all people, but everyone has his environment and personality, so we strive to give privacy and excellence to all of our products and take into account all the criteria that define the needs and desires of our customers.

Our principles and values:

In the past, perfumes were the preserve of a certain class of princes, kings, and some segments of society. Therefore, our principles and values ​​in "LA Morentti" company are based on delivering all our products to the largest possible segment within the highest quality standards, for this we seek to set a foothold for us in many Arab and Turkish markets And global.